Chris LaMothe

Christopher LaMothe is an experienced Indiana private sector business leader and investor with a long track record as a business strategist.  Chris serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Elevate Ventures.  He sets the strategy and vision for the organization, oversees all programs and staff, and serves as the primary source for stakeholders, investors, board members, and entrepreneurs. Previously, Chris served as Executive VP of Element Materials Technologies, specifically leading the global transportation, power generation and industrials sectors of the company.  Element acquired LaMothe’s company, Sherry Laboratories Holdings, LLC in 2013 where he served as Partner, Chairman and CEO. Prior to acquiring Sherry Labs, Chris served as President and COO of Oxford Financial Group, LTD, one of the largest private wealth management firms in the country with over $8 Billion under management. Previous to Oxford, LaMothe served as the President and CEO of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and grew the organization from the lower quartile sized State Chambers of Commerce in the United States to one of the top ten largest statewide Chambers with significant revenue growth and diversification.

Chris also has a long track record engaged as an angel investor, owner of firms, served on multiple Boards both private and civic. He is sole owner of Ascendanci Ventures which is a small private equity firm through which he has invested in several companies.