Janell Shaffer

Janell Shaffer, Ohana VP Sales and Success

Founded My Best Friend’s Hair, a match making website for the hair industry, and raised significant capital funds with venture capital and angel investment. Created and patented an e-commerce solution for the salon industry and branded it as Jada Beauty. Grew Jada Beauty until it was acquired by Sally Beauty Holdings (SBH) in August 2013.

Top 10 Honoree for L’Oreal’s national Women in Digital Award, 2012 for the technology and strategy at My Best Friend’s Hair.

Driven by ecommerce and a love for everything digital: strategy,technology, automation, SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, segmentation, email, data science, A/B testing.

Combination of sales, IT strategy, digital media marketing, and project management. Thrives within fast-paced, high pressure environments. Proactively identifies and capitalizes on strategic data. Decisive leader with strong team building, mentoring, and motivational abilities.