Isak Nti Asare

Isak is the Co-founder of FairFrame — a startup that uses AI and data analytics to identify implicit gender bias in text. Isak has degrees from Indiana University, The University of Oxford, and University College London. Isak is also the Associate Director and Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Cybersecurity and Global Policy Program at Indiana University, the Associate Director of the Language Workshop at IU, a Senior Associate at Oxford Insights, and a fellow at the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research. Isak has advised national and local governments on the strategic, cultural and leadership opportunities and challenges from digital transformation and artificial intelligence. For example, he is co-author of Mexico’s National AI strategy, a co-founder of the UK cross-governmental community of practice on AI, and co-author on Stockton, California’s AI strategy – the first city led AI strategy in the United States. He has done consulting work for clients including the OECD, the Open Data Institute, The Transparency Initiative, and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.