David DeRam

David DeRam Greenlight Guru CEO

I have spent the last 25 years consumed with building remarkable commercial software companies.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing companies catch fire and enabling hospitals, universities, research centers, and pharmaceutical teams in 80 countries to manage complex genetic and clinical data and to bring key hereditary information to the electronic medical record. I’ve seen medical device teams in over 600 cities on 6 continents shift their focus from compliance to true quality. Our teams have saved the lives of people they have never met.

The last 3 years have delivered more change and more pace in the software markets than the last 20 years combined. We have unprecedented challenges and opportunities in big data, shared security, platform software, integration, DevOps, client-side reactive applications, mobile, open source, artificial intelligence, and remote teams.

These leading-edge technologies and trends are creating new opportunities…if you have the talent to navigate them…and a new breed of company is forming as a result.

Greenlight Guru is a combination of battle-tested generals and young gun phenoms powered by Red Bull and alligator blood transfusions.

It’s a mix of the most inspiring people and energy from the last 25 years and new faces, ideas, and technologies. We’ve successfully recruited talent from both coasts and top technical minds.

As the CEO, I am responsible for developing opportunities, raising capital, attracting phenomenal talent, developing strategy, building culture, and assembling elite teams.

I remain active with The Progeny Foundation where we work to change lives by working with 10 kids at each grade level…and graduating 10 at-risk kids each year with strong life skills and academic and athletic scholarships.