Bob Myer

Bob Myer

Mr. Bob Myer is an entrepreneur, organizational leader, and angle investor who has been both a Fortune 100 Executive and a small company leading Entrepreneur.

Myer developed his career with Honeywell, Inc. and rose quickly through the ranks becoming the youngest executive in the company’s history that spans well over 100 years. During this time he benefited from the Harvard Business School MBA program content as customized for Honeywell executives. When his $2 billion Information Systems division was later sold to a French nationalized company, Myer left the organization for an opportunity to manage start up activities created by another Fortune 100 organization.

As a Sr. Vice President in the Travelers Corporation he helped develop a new managed health care company, establishing operations in 26 cities across the country.

Myer moved back to Indiana and took over as president of a small Indiana company that manufactured and distributed automobile racing products. Over the next decade he grew it from 40 employees to well over 200 while firmly establishing it as the premier company in its industry.

In addition to his executive and entrepreneurial experiences, Bob is also an angel investor and usually holds positions in 3-5 companies. These include a spectrum of company types ranging from medical devices, to IT, and aluminum billet recasting. He led a successful effort to fund a startup requiring $58 million to launch, the biggest of its kind in Indiana for many years. In that startup’s second year of operation, it produced $230 million in revenue.