Kinetic is where entrepreneurship, venture capital and community converge. We are connected in part by an interest in how these forces, when moving together in the same direction, can impact individuals, businesses and the state of Indiana. Entrepreneurial ecosystems are taking root across Indiana. Join us at Kinetic to help fuel the growth.


  • Day One
    May 1, 2018
    9:00 am - Room B
    Keynote Speaker
    As the member of Gov. Eric J. Holcomb’s cabinet who oversees the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, Schellinger will share updates on the state’s economic development initiatives and provide insights on new opportunities to partner globally to propel innovation. Learn more.
    10:00 am - Room A
    Score the Right Board
    Learn best practices for developing your company’s board of directors to prevent friction and encourage alignment. Hear how future funders can and will change your board dynamic, and find out ways to protect yourself as a founder.
    10:00 am - Room B
    Building an Economic Advantage
    Entrepreneurs bring incredible value to communities, from creating jobs to shaping the quality of life for families. Find out how cities and towns can proactively build a vibrant ecosystem that supports and attracts entrepreneurs to put down roots and grow.
    11:00 am - Room A
    Leadership Teams Built to Succeed
    Building a core team is one of the CEO’s most important responsibilities. Discover what a CEO can do to find the right talent, without sacrificing the culture and values of the organization. Find out why hiring the wrong person has a bigger and more catastrophic effect on your success than making sure you have the right person. Get real-world advice on attracting, leading and developing leaders within your organization.
    11:00 am - Room B
    Higher Ed Partnerships Boost Entrepreneurship
    Community and business leaders in Indiana are tapping into the entrepreneurial value of higher ed. Find out how relationships with Indiana colleges and universities can help spur and nourish entrepreneurial ecosystems. Learn how these institutions can be rich sources of IP generation, talent for startups, new company development, and resources.
    12:20 pm - Lunch Session - Room B
    The Next Level Fund
    The Next Level Fund panel will provide insight into how this new program will change the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Indiana moving forward. You will learn what 50 South brings to the table, what they plan to use to measure ongoing success and how Indiana entrepreneurs can access the capital.
    1:00 pm - Room A
    Scale Up Your Leadership
    As you outgrow the startup stage, your leadership skills must evolve to meet the demands of high growth. Being a scale-up leader of 75+ people takes a different set of skills and depth of understanding. Learn to recognize how leadership structures change, determine the kinds of teams you need to build as a scale-up, and discover how all of this affects the way you should lead.
    1:00 pm - Room B
    Spinning Out New Technologies
    Entrepreneurs know the release of new technologies and new products can be transformational for companies. In this session, leaders of organizations examining the potential of spin-off opportunities will hear why new products or ideas might need their own organizations/startups. Get to know the corporate challenges that arise in finding the right talent and vehicles to spin out a new technology. Better understand the value of engaging with entrepreneurs on joint projects where corporate experience and funding can really create promising startup opportunities.
    2:00 pm - Room A
    Improving Your Lead Gen Stats
    Getting more solid leads will fuel the growth of your company. Learn how sales processes and strategies should should evolve with you, supporting your overall success. Get practical insights on readying people within your organization so they are primed to adapt.
    2:00 pm - Room B
    Indiana Steps Up to Entrepreneurship
    Energetically supporting and promoting entrepreneurship is fundamental to the state's economic future. Competition among states to attract and retain business is fierce, and Indiana is rising to the challenge. Learn what that means for our state's communities, entrepreneurs and investors. Tap into key resources, benefits, organizations and activism.
  • Day Two
    May 2, 1018
    9:00 am - Room B
    Keynote Speaker
    Desai’s May 2 talk will circle back to Indiana’s entrepreneurs on a local level. Desai will discuss how entrepreneurial ecosystems are important to economic growth and prosperity and address how Indiana is developing the systems needed to succeed. Learn more.
    10:00 am - Room A
    Stakeholder Communication that Counts
    Find out what your company board, investors and strategic partners want to know and how to best deliver that information. Learn how to use metrics, milestones and stories in updates to stakeholders. Find out what kinds of data tell the story of your growth and performance, but don't tie your hands or require going into the minutiae of operations.
    10:00 am - Room B
    Economic Forecast: Expected Effects on Investment
    U.S. and International trends and indicators point to certain conclusions around the economic forecast. Unravel the evidence and better understand where we are and where the economy is headed as it relates to investment.
    11:00 am - Room A
    Maximizing the Nuances of Structured Finance
    Choosing your company's structure should be a thoughtful, strategic decision. Learn about the different capital structures that exist and how entrepreneurs can be creative in their financing strategy to benefit them most. Become more informed regarding family office investors, crowdfunding, the use of trusts and turning to clients as funding partners.
    11:00 am - Room B
    Activate Local Angel Investors
    Activating angel investors in your community has the potential to bring about substantial change for residents and businesses. In this session, regional partners and players across Indiana hear how to engage with angels in their communities, to educate and activate them. Learn how to inform potential investors of what to look for in an investment and the basics of due diligence. Find out how to assist — not interfere — companies as they grow and make important decisions.
    12:00 pm - Lunch Session - Room B
    Life Science Entrepreneurship: Worth the Risks?
    The high-risk, high-reward gamble associated with life science companies is attractive to some, scary to others. They are known to be hard to launch, run and sustain. Learn from seasoned life science entrepreneurs who have been there during this panel discussion.
    1:00 pm - Room A
    Term Sheets: The Entrepreneurs’ Guide
    When the time comes, be ready to talk terms with investors. Learn about the various kinds of terms you might encounter and which ones are healthy for your company’s growth. Hear why certain terms are important to investors and find out which terms can create problems later in the growth cycle.
    1:00 pm - Room B
    Due Diligence Best Practices
    Ideally, the due diligence process is effective and enlightening for both the investor and entrepreneur. Hear expert perspectives on what aspects of due diligence are key to a healthy process. Learn what information should matter most to investors and why. Find out which data points need independent validation, and which can be self-reported.
    2:00 pm - Room A
    First-Hand Exit Experiences
    Dreaming of a successful exit? Hear from leaders of former Elevate Ventures portfolio companies as they share lessons learned on how to manage an exit.
    2:00 pm - Room B
    The State of Venture Capital
    Gain a better understanding of how investments are trending and performing — locally, regionally and nationally. Hear how the latest U.S. and Midwest data and forecasts from the venture capital industry matter in the context of Indiana.
    5:00 pm - Room B
    Happy Hour Reception
    Join the final celebration of Kinetic for general networking with drinks and light appetizers. All attendees are invited. This Happy Hour Celebration will take place at the Biltwell Event Center’s Grand Ballroom on the second floor. Festivities begin at 5 pm. Hotel Tango will provide a spirit tasting. Centerpoint Brewing and Taxman Brewing will be providing beer.


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